"Spaces" Ep. 3 - John Mark Nelson 


"Spaces" Ep. 2 - Weird Visions 


"Spaces" Ep. 1 - Carroll



"Holy Ghost" by Speed's The Name



Carloline Smith "Child of Moving on" Reddit Exclusive

Ryan Melling - DP/Editor/Color

Nate Matson - Camera Operator

Jeff Marcovis - Audio Engineer 



My name is Nate Matson. I am a video editor and producer, audio engineer, journalist and all-around media guy.

I have worked in nearly every facet of the broadcast and music industry, from tape, to post production, to live sound and studio production, to transmission. By day I shoot and edit videos for non-profit organizations, artists and corporate clients. By night I mix bands and theater productions around the Twin Cities. 

These days I am mostly a video editor and cinematographer. 

A cardboard box full of awards made from precious metals, wood and glass sits next to my mantel.